Jan 15, 2020 · * To conserve IP addresses, /31 subnets can be used in cases where there is no need for a network or broadcast address (e.g. point-to-point links). In effect, you can have 2 IP addresses in a /31 subnet if you use the network and broadcast addresses as IP addresses. This is explained in RFC 3021 and supported by many vendors including Cisco.

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I will try to answer this from AWS perspective. With in a VPC, you can have Public and Private subnets. Instances in Public subnet would be reachable from internet; which means traffic from internet can hit a machine in Public Subnet. You normally networking - What makes a private IP address not routable Private IP addresses are routable, albeit they are not publicly routed. Basically, a router will route a private address to private/internal LAN, rather than to the internet. To expand my answer: a router can route a private address to the public side, via its default gateway. However, the packet will be "lost" in transit due to other routers dropping it, or due to packet's TTL reaching 0. Configure Networking - Amazon® EMR

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