Oct 25, 2011 · Preferred and Alternate DNS server - This is a server that translates domain names into IP addresses. Because domain names are alphabetic, they're easier to remember. The Internet however, is really based on IP addresses.

This example gets the DNS server IP addresses configured on all the interfaces on a computer. Example 2: Get DNS server IP addresses for a specified interface. PS C:\> Get-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceAlias "Wired Ethernet Connection" This example gets the DNS server IP addresses configured on the interface named Wired Ethernet Connection. 1. OpenDNS Family Shield. OpenDNS was one of the first to offer free DNS servers with adult content filtering back in 2010. It is possible to create a free account and customize the DNS service with extra filters (such as blocking social networks, P2P or gambling), domain blocking and even creating a custom block page. Jun 17, 2016 · A computer server that’s being used as a preferred DNS Server can also be used as an alternate one and vice-versa. They are also similar when it comes to function. However, unlike the Preferred DNS servers, Alternate DNS servers are only used once the Preferred DNS Server is down. A preferred DNS server can be down due to some obvious reasons Whenever I tried to use to the Internet using their VPN software, the preferred and alternate DNS server addresses vanished. When I tried to test for DNS leak test using ipleak.net or dnsleak.com, the DNS adress is the same as their IP adress. Please help and thank you very much. dnsleaktest.com failed to give me the result. Jun 23, 2010 · Preferred DNS server :,,,,,server ip address Alternate DNS server : empty I believe (but not sure) because I have done that while ago , when I chose option : " Obtain DNS server address automatically" when I set outlook 2003 would not know how to retrieve emails from the exchange, therefore I had assigned DNS manually and I had Feb 09, 2012 · Next tick the "use the following DNS server and addresses" 17. In the preferred DNS server type "" and in alternative DNS type "" this is Google's public DNS servers.

Go to Network Connections > Right Click on Local Area Connection > Properties For eg: Update the default DNS server to point to the alternate DNS nameserver at preferred an alternate (see below for the addresses). For Linux systems, we must edit the resolv.conf file, and specify which “nameserver” we will use along with the DNS address.

Jan 02, 2020 · In DNS Benchmark, you can then click the Nameservers tab, click the “Add/Remove” button. Type the IP address of the first DNS server and click “Add” to add it to the list. You can then type the address of the second DNS server and click “Add”, too. Once you have, click “Run Benchmark” to run the benchmark with your ISP’s DNS How do you get their addresses ? If you are in a corporate network, it is usually up to the administrator to set the DNS servers for you and you won’t have to do anything (DHCP setup). To find your computer's preferred and alternate DNS address, use the Windows command prompt. Step 1 Press "Windows key-R" to open the Run tool on your computer. Type "cmd" into the box and click

I am having issues in my modem where I need to use Preferred and Alternative DNS Server instead of Obtain DNS server address automatically. If I have this settings my internet connection works perfectly. I could browse through the web with no issues. However, when I use skype with this settings all my calls are drop after 16 seconds.

Jan 02, 2020 · Alternate DNS server: Norton ConnectSafe The best thing of this server is that it is a cloud-based Domain Name System which basically shields your PC from malicious and susceptible sites and also can block the violent content from the sites which is good feature to have.