This should be enabled on default on openwrt. --- Check attachment syslog-ng.conf. 4) To read log in openwrt, usually command logread is being used. Also luci web interface uses logread to pipe system log to web page. If you disable busybox's logging facilities - also logread will be lost and luci's system log doesn't display anything.

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Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 15:52 Post subject: Firewall logging: I'm new to this forum game so I sorry if I get to place my Q in the wrong forum! I have used dd-wrt for many years now and somewhere around feb. 2017 the firewall log to /var/log/messages (syslog) was diaabled so I'm running and that old version from 28-02-2017 on my old router where the log is enabled.

The test message should appear nn the event viewer almost immediately. If it doesn’t arrive, try sending a standalone test message.. No syslog configuration found. If ls -d /etc/*syslog* did not find any matching files, try these:. On Fedora Linux 20 and later, install the rsyslog package (Run: sudo yum install rsyslog On other Linux distributions and Unix variants other than Linux, try Getting started with OpenWrt - YouTube Jul 11, 2020

OpenWRT logging to InfluxDB & Grafana Dash. There were some good posts out there for tying OpenWRT to InfluxDB and onto Grafana but all had some gaps so I tried to put it together as best I could for future beginners like me. Pretty much everything is recycled but now works really well.

Monitoring OpenWrt with collectd, InfluxDB and Grafana Sep 09, 2019 GL.inet Method (fq_codel/Cake) - 1) Login to your GL.inet router (default address is Enter in a password when prompted. Then click on “Advanced Settings” after logging in and click “ok” when prompted. Advanced settings takes you to another login page. This is the openWrt interface. Electronics FAQ: Automating web login using OpenWRT