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network attached storage - Can I use a NAS for SQL Server No. Your NAS is a 'dumb storage' device, not a server capable of hosting a piece of software like SQL. As a storage device, it's also file-level rather than block-level (you cannot ask the device for only a small piece of a file, you have to take/put the whole file at once), which means you can't have concurrent access from multiple sources just by placing your data files onto the device.

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How to Create NFS Share Windows Server 2016? Jul 02, 2016 Creating a Standalone NTP Server With Windows - Interface Another common need is to create a standalone NTP server that can provide time synchronization for unjoined Windows computers as well as other operating systems like Linux and Mac OSX. Configuring Windows as a Standalone NTP Server. Windows implements the W32Time service as both an NTP client and server. The service is off by default. Simple Home RAID 1 NAS Server with Windows Server 2016 Apr 23, 2018 How to Set up a Free NFS Server on Windows 10 from UNIX