Note: Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Google Chrome up to date. If you don’t want Google's repository, do “sudo touch /etc

Remove Add-ons (Extensions) from Google Chrome. How to delete unwanted add-ons (extensions) from Google Chrome? Explanation. To remove / delete the unwanted addons from the Google Chrome, proceed with the following options. Option 1: Right click on the Addon and select Remove from chrome. Option 2: In the chrome menu, select Settings. Install and manage extensions - Chrome Web Store Help Add or remove access to a specific site. On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More More tools Extensions. On the extension, click Details. Under “Permissions,” add or remove a site: Add: To the right of “Allowed sites,” click Add. How to manage (add, delete or disable) add-ons in Google Oct 14, 2019 How to Remove Addons from Google Chrome (Addon Removal …

Jul 10, 2017

How to Remove Addons from Google Chrome (Addon Removal … Sep 29, 2019 How to Uninstall Extensions in Chrome, Firefox, and Other

Remove Add-ons (Extensions) from Google Chrome

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