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Watch Ginger Snaps 2 (2004) Full Movie Free Online Imprisoned in a rehab clinic, a female werewolf fights to keep her transformation at bay, while planning an escape with an eccentric fellow patient. Ginger Snaps: Movies & TV The 2000 Canadian horror/dark-comedy "Ginger Snaps" is easily and without doubt one of the great underrated films of the past twenty years. Remaining ever obscure to …

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ginger snaps movie | Tumblr 2. Ginger Snaps. Originally posted by gif-able. When I was younger, I started to have a strange obsession with horror and death. Although, it wasn’t just when I was younger, I still have that obsession. Anyway, this movie was a big one for me. Ginger Snaps | Xfinity Stream

Feb 16, 2018 - Cool movie posters from the Ginger Snaps Movie Trilogy.. See more ideas about Ginger snaps movie, Ginger snaps and Katharine isabelle.

Movies In the list below we've matched up popular films that contain keyphrases such as sister sister relationship, puberty and werewolf. We realised that when looking for other films like Ginger Snaps you might be trying to find other drama or horror films or perhaps those featuring Emily Perkins. Jan 30, 2004 · Like the thoughtful horror cinema of George Romero, where deeper human issues boil under a more obvious horror surface, "Ginger Snaps" used lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty and its impact on teenage relationships; "Unleashed" uses it as a metaphor for addiction, with Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins--"It"), sister of the ill-fated Ginger (Katharine Isabelle), injecting herself with wolfbane to curb her increasingly wolf-like tendencies.