Protocol is most often used when talking about the rules of government or official agencies. It is derived from the French and refers to the correct rules of etiquette for diplomats. The term protocol is used in many areas besides diplomatic ones.

Definition of hypertext transfer protocol in the dictionary. Meaning of hypertext transfer protocol. What does hypertext transfer protocol mean? Information and translations of hypertext transfer protocol in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Definition of IP protocol number | PCMag The numeric identification of the upper layer protocol that an IP packet should be sent to. The number is stored in the header that is prefixed to an IP packet. Note that the IP protocol number is What does protocol mean? | Yahoo Answers

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PROTOCOL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary A protocol is also the rules to be followed when doing a scientific study or an exact method for giving medical treatment: [ U ] medical protocol [ C ] a treatment protocol Protocol definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Protocol can also mean “a plan for a scientific experiment or for medical treatment,” as in: an experimental protocol; a simplified treatment protocol; You will also encounter the word protocol in the names of international treaties, such as the Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

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