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LastPass Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app for your LastPass account and other supported apps. LastPass Authenticator offers simple, secure authentication to your accounts by generating passcodes for login or receiving push notifications for one-tap approval. How to Use LastPass for More Than Just Managing Passwords Nov 05, 2019 LastPass Now Available on the New Microsoft Edge - The Jan 15, 2020 Your LastPass Vault | User Manual

I have been using the LastPass extension for a couple of years. When I restart my computer or when I open Edge for the first time, I see the LastPass icon in my tool bar but about 90% of the time when I click on this icon to try and login to LastPass, Edge doesn't properly display the LastPass login window which prevents me from login into the LastPass extension.

Step 2. Download. Using the recommended route of using Edge as a source to the LastPass extension, users can now follow the link to Microsoft’s Developer Technologies site for Microsoft Edge. Using LastPass With Subdomains - Foliovision Even though we found LastPass to be the best password manager so far in terms of price and quality, this isn't your only option. The most popular alternatives for LastPass are Dashlane and 1Password. They are all not perfect, but the benefits of using a password manager definitely outweigh the risks.

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