Get Unlocator. No credit card required. Easy to set up. With the help of a DNS provider, you can get around these restrictions and view things only people living in other areas would generally be able to. That is how smart DNS works. Unlocator is a Danish company and was established back in 2013. Unlocator Review Features Pros

Unlocator VPN Review [2020] – Is This Danish VPN Any Good? We look at Unlocator in this detailed review, the VPN and smart DNS service. Unlocator is excellent for unblocking streaming platforms and comes with many other privacy and security features. May 03, 2020 · Unlocator is a much simpler service when compared with a VPN tunnel. Firstly, the service works on all devices, even some more obscure ones. Most VPNs typically have to design their software for particular operating systems (such as Windows, Android, Mac, etc.). Unlocator is an excellent service. Easy to set up, you can put it on all your devices and works well. Customer service couldn't do enough to please and solved my problem very quickly. Unlocator Review. To help you understand whether or not Unlocator is worth your while, let us look at its features and how they work. Unlocator Speeds. When you are streaming content speed is important; the last thing you want is interruptions or buffering as you watch your favorite show. Oct 22, 2015 · Unlocator is a service of Smart DNS operated and owned by a Danish IT outfit known as Linkwork ApS. They were incorporated in 2013 and are currently based in Copenhagen. Smart DNS proxies are essentially DNS servers that are specially designed. A Unique Smart DNS Service Provider. Unlocator is an easy-to-use system that lets you appear to be in a location that you aren’t actually in. For example, let’s say you travel to a country that your favorite movie channel is inaccessible or outright blocked, you will not be allowed to stream the movies you want on your devices.

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Unlocator support corrected my issue within a couple of hours so thanks again! You guys ROCK! Nothing but praise for Unlocator - helps you use the services you pay for anywhere! Excellent. I’ve used Unlocator for two years. Never had a problem. Get Your Free Trial. Unlocator Review 2020 (3 Pros & 6 Cons) | Rating (2 out of 5) Dec 16, 2019

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Unlocator Review . Unlocator is a Danish company that focuses on methods to help people get around internet restrictions, censorship, and geo-blocking. The company provides both Smart Domain Name System (Smart DNS) and a full-blown VPN service. Unlocator is a renowned Smart DNS + VPN service launched in 2013 by a Danish IT company called Linkwork ApS. The main focus of the software is to enable its users to access hundreds of geo-locked channels and provide them with some extra privacy and security along the way. Founded in 2012 and created by Linkwork ApS, Unlocator is a Denmark-based Smart DNS and VPN provider. Introduced as a solution for unblocking geo-restricted websites, Unlocator still needs a great deal of work to become a robust online privacy/security solution. Their Smart DNS system often experiences blocks by ISPs or network owners, and the VPN that acts more like a backup fails on Unlocator has been in operation since 2013 and was released by Linkwork ApS in Copenhagen. Since then, it was offering a SmartDNS service.. With this, you were able to bypass restrictions and worldwide limitations for content you wanted to access. Home Reviews Smart DNS Unlocator Review. 7 thoughts on "Unlocator Review" 12 May 2017 4:58 AM at 4:58 AM Worst Customer Service you can imagine. Reply. Cybil. 1 June 2017 12:37 PM at 12:37 PM Have used Unlocator for about 3 years now and have had no problems. Once in a while I have to log-in and re-connect after my tablet was connected