In this guide you will be shown how to use an event handler to restart a service on a Linux server. This guide will be using a CentOS 6.x Linux server, which uses the command service to perform the service restart.

RESTART DATABASE command Restarts a database that has been abnormally terminated and left in an inconsistent state. At the successful completion of RESTART DATABASE , the application remains connected to the database if the user has CONNECT privilege. Restart the Code42 service from the Code42 console command-line interface. Sign in to your Code42 console in a web browser. Double-click the logo in the upper left corner of the Code42 console. The Code42 console command-line interface appears. Enter one of these commands: To restart the local Code42 server: node.restart Start, Stop and Restart Apache Server. Apache is one of the most popular and most used HTTP web servers in the world. Apache Webserver is the free, opensource, powerful, stable, cross-platform, reliable web server. The shutdown command is also used to restart. The same options are available, but the -r option is given. In the case of a restart, the shutdown command signals init to enter runlevel 6. The same options exist for the time. Restart immediately: # shutdown -r now. Restart in 5 minute: In older distros the reboot command was forcing the processes to exit by issuing the SIGKILL signal (still found in sources, can be invoked with -f option), in most recent distros it defaults to the more graceful and init friendly init 1 -> shutdown -r. This ensures that daemons clean up themselves before shutdown. Systemctl command will shutdown all running services and process before restart the debian system. Restart debian Linux using reboot command. Quickest way to restart debian is to use reboot command. Type reboot in the terminal and your debian server will restart immediately.

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How to Restart (Reboot) Linux from Command Line

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